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Winner’s Circle, NBA Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson’s company that specializes in developing business in a variety of markets, has now strategically partnered with Applied Merchant to create the Winner’s Circle Ambassador Program. This partnership continues WC’s goal to create more market share for individuals now in merchant services/payment processing.

Consumers today are spontaneous and mobile, and an Ambassador you will be able to involve your network enabling your contacts to reach mobile consumers and convert that audience to engaged repeat customers, as well as, build strong customer loyalty. Ralph brings together Ambassadors like you who will be a part of this innovative program nationwide that creates partnerships, cost effective ways to heighten your contacts network, build brand perception and increase traffic.

Winner’s Circle has worked with hundreds of business owners across the country through our services; we support and focus on the needs of our partners to develop ways that ultimately deliver a strategic roadmap to serve as the foundation of our partner’s businesses growth and development.

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