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The Ralph L. Sampson Sr Hope mission is to:  Delivering thoughtful solution to the unique challenges patients with cancer face in our communities.

The Hope Fund has teamed up with Rockingham Memorial Hospital a Sentra Hospital System and University of Virginia Emily Couric Cancer Center to provide creative ways to give back to help find a cure for this deathly disease.

We help raise fund to support these 3 initiatives  :sentara-RMH-magazine-summer-2016-web-1
Preventive screening to individuals without insurance

The better able we are to detect cancer early, the more likely it is that a patience will survive.  Screening for cancer is a need in communities around the world only TBA nationwide are diagnosed.  Given demographic characteristics patient without insurance are also those who need screenings as they have higher smoking rates.   The cost is too high for patients without insurance to bear on their own, leaving them to wait until it is too late to seek treatment. Breast cancer presents similar issues.  One in seven women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.  Mammogram which is an X-ray of the breast, is the best way to find cancer of the breast in its earliest stages up to two years before it can be felt or other symptoms appear.  If breast cancer is detected early 90 percent of women can be treated successfully.  Without insurance, though, many women simply can’t afford a screening mammogram.

Medication assistance

The medicines a patient is prescribed when they leave the hospital are critical to their care… they include medication to relieve pain, antibiotic to prevent infection and antifungal drugs to ease the agonizing side effects of chemotherapy.

Travel support

One of the most significant barriers that uninsured individuals in our community face is simply getting to and from their care. Cancer care in particular is difficult given its frequency – some radiation patients have to be here 5 days a week for 5 weeks in a row. In the rare case that someone doesn’t have anyone who can drive them and they don’t qualify for other help, this need can be crippling.

There’s Hope Support the Ralph L. Sampson Sr Hope Fund and find a cure for cancer.

Sentara RMH

Sentara RMH Medical Center began as Rockingham Memorial Hospital in 1912. Serving a seven-county area with a population of close to 218,000 residents, the 238-bed community hospital partnered with the Sentara Healthcare system in May of 2011.


The Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center offers convenient access to a full range of state-of-the-art cancer treatments — all in a warm and inviting space designed for the needs of patients and their families.  Winner’s Enterprises has honored Ralph Sampson, Sr to raise awareness and funds for early cancer detection and screenings at UVA Cancer Center.