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Special Project Coordinator

The-Winners-Circle_ArmenAGrigorianOver twenty years of experience making private and public equity, real estate, and venture capital investments and providing strategic financial and investment advice to a limited number of relationships. Served on the boards of seventeen companies and three investment committees. Collaborated, advised or seized numerous strategic events and capital formation transactions, over $2 billion is combined total. Was a partner and key contributor in structuring, financing, and executing over 50 rollup acquisitions in four industries.

During the 1993 to 2011 period founded three financial companies, building them into niche sector-leading groups and later successfully merging them into Fortune 500 companies. As a result Grigorian led a highly specialized practice group at BofA Merrill Lynch and served as Acquisitions Director at Lehman Brothers.

During the 2002 and 2011 period served as Partner and Investment Committee Vice-Chairman of Defoe Redmount, a merchant banking firm based in New York City.